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December 2014 - Taing Jewellers Barrhaven

35 Carat Canadian Diamond

     December 12, 2014 0 Comments

It’s name isn’t Hope but this 35 carat rough diamond, the largest ever mined and fully processed in Canada, is the hope of the Canadian diamond industry browse around this website. Pulled from the Victor mine this diamond is 35 carats in the rough, the stone is expected to be approximately 15 carats cut into an Ideal Square with a hearts-and-arrows pattern and precisely aligned facets. Work on the cutting of the diamond has already begun and a film documentary will capture the De Beers stone on its processing journey. Both the finished stone and the documentary will embark on an internatio…

Navigating Insurance Replacements

     December 12, 2014 0 Comments

Finely crafted Jewellery can be passed down for many generations.  However, proper care and maintenance is needed to help keep your jewellery healthy and looking its best. We are happy to clean and check the security of your claws and stones and to help you repair your pieces. When the unthinkable happens, The Taing Team is here for you to offer Insurance Replacement Service, In a stressful time where you have lost jewellery we will help assist you in finding replacements for your unexpected lost items. We have access to many different suppliers and can help you find a similar piece of jew…

Michelle Obama Stuns In Forevermark

     December 12, 2014 0 Comments

Taing Jewellers knows that Forevermark means top quality, but we are not the only ones who trust the Forevermark name. Whether you agree with her politically or not, you can’t help but recognize Michelle Obama’s flare for fashion and her love of quality; in this case, the First Lady chose First Pick Forevermark jewellery to accentuate her fabulous wardrobe. If we peaked your interest and you want more information, Taing encourages you to come in to talk to one of our team and have some fun! We are proud to carry F…

Finding The Perfect Christmas Gift

     December 12, 2014 0 Comments

With Christmas just around the corner, Have you been thinking about a new watch for your teenage daughter so that she will be at home on time for dinner? Perhaps you’ve been pondering a set of pearls or diamond earrings for your wife. Maybe it’s just the right time to surprise your girlfriend with an engagement ring. Whatever is on your shopping list, our 1,400 square foot store is an absolute must-stop place to find the ideal Christmas gift for him or her. Owner, Keo Taing, travels the world and brings home only the finest and most beautifully elegant pieces and unique items. We offer the…

Confidently Purchasing Diamonds

     December 12, 2014 0 Comments

If you have ever searched for the perfect diamond then you know how frustrating it is to wade through online information and opinions, facts and myths, all complicated exponentially by diamond branding. We at Taing Jewellers invite you to explore the De Beers’ Forevermark diamond brand because we know, through research and practical experience, that they achieve their diamond manifesto of responsibly sourced, natural and untreated diamonds with top cuts, competitive colors, clarities and authentic third party audits. The most impressive part of the Forevermark brand is not the diamond itself…