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July 2016 - Taing Jewellers Barrhaven


     July 23, 2016 0 Comments

THE IDEAL SQUARE DIAMOND IS THE EVOLUTION OF PERFECTION! The Ideal Square  Diamond is the only diamond that yields a Hearts & Arrows pattern when examined through the Hearts & Arrows scope. Additionally, it performs exceptionally high under a “light return” analysis. The finest craftsmen in Canada developed this revolutionary cut. The perfection lies in the symmetrical alignment of each of the 80 facets resulting in a light refection yielding a Hearts & Arrows pattern. Moreover, as the Diamond is cut to “ideal” proportions, it generates scintillation tha…

Introducing The Forevermark Black Label Diamonds Collection

     July 23, 2016 0 Comments

Each Forevermark diamond has been evaluated beyond the standard 4Cs and individually selected to meet our stringent standards of beauty, rarity and responsible sourcing. The Forevermark Black Label Collection offers diamonds that meet all these criteria and go even further, achieving unrivalled sparkle in every cut, not just for round diamonds but for fancy shape diamonds as well. As the worlds leading diamond experts, the De Beers Group of companies has spent the past two decades studying how light travels within a diamond, based on its cut and polish, facet alignment, and shape.  As a resul…