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Pearl Re-Stringing


White pearls on the black velvet backgroundOn-site Pearl Consultation and Restringing available as well as Custom Designed Jewellery pieces are available at Taing Jewellers.

Pearls are often celebrated as the most feminine and elegant of gems. They are also unique by their organic nature, formed by a living organism instead of geological processes. Mainly composed of calcium carbonate, the same compound forming eggshells, pearls are soft (hardness 2 to 4) and delicate. A few simple precautions may prevent damage to your pearl jewellery and preserve its beauty.

Beware of scratching

When storing your pearls, avoid contact or rubbing with hard surfaces and other jewellery. Wrapping them in a soft cloth or a small plastic bag can protect them from scratches and abrasions.

Avoid chemicals

Acids and chemicals are corrosive to pearls. Contact with such agents can strip off layers of nacre, rendering the pearl dull and lifeless. Avoid spraying pearls with perfume, hairspray or cleaning agents. This can be easily achieved by taking off all pearl jewellery before cleaning or hair styling and putting them on last, after all toiletries have been applied.

Careful cleaning

Pearl jewellery can be cleaned safely with a soft cloth, moistened with water if needed. Never use chemical cleansers on pearls, instead gently polish with the cloth to remove dirt and skin oils.