The Ideal Square  Diamond is the only diamond that yields a Hearts & Arrows pattern when examined through the Hearts & Arrows scope. Additionally, it performs exceptionally high under a “light return” analysis.

The finest craftsmen in Canada developed this revolutionary cut. The perfection lies in the symmetrical alignment of each of the 80 facets resulting in a light refection yielding a Hearts & Arrows pattern. Moreover, as the Diamond is cut to “ideal” proportions, it generates scintillation that is beyond any existing standard square cut diamond.

Ideal Square Diamond engagement ring

It takes up to three times longer than any standard square cut to achieve the finishing quality the Ideal2 Diamond. The Ideal2 Diamond is cut to the most exacting of ideal standards in terms of proportion, polish and symmetry. Less than 1% all diamonds mined can be certified ideal. The innovative design of the Ideal2 Diamond allows it to reflect Perfect Light and Pure Brilliance.

The Ideal2 Diamond is the symbol of modern romance: a revolutionary design that maximizes all the classic elements of a diamonds beauty – brilliance, elegance, and fire. In modern romance, a diamond is the messenger of genuine feeling of love f6ft9gw. It says “l love you as you are and because of who you are.” This message originates from the heart and the Ideal2 Diamond is the messenger thereof.


The Cut

“It takes up to three times longer than any standard square cut to achieve the finishing quality of the Ideal Diamond.”

Shape of the cut: Ideal Square

Advantages: Better light reflection and dispersion of colors than any other Ideal Cut Diamond, premium over diamonds of the same/similar appearance due to the Hearts & Arrows pattern.

Available from Internally Flawless to SI2 D – K color

GIA Certificate with XX or an AGS certificate with 000

Hearts & Arrows

The Hearts & Arrows pattern is truly the mark of a perfectly cut diamond for it can only occur when each of the diamond’s facets align exactly.

The scope allows you to see the symmetrical alignment of the 80 facets by showing 8 distinctive arrows when the diamond is viewed from the topside.

When viewed from the bottom side, the scope allows you to see the same optical symmetry by showing 8 distinctive hearts.

When combined, the symmetry of this diamond makes for an ideal cut never seen before.

Ideal Square Diamond earrings with halos

Ideal Cut

The ldeal² Diamond is cut to the most exacting of ideal standards which have been established to be ideal in terms of proportion, polish and symmetry.

Diamond cut refers to the angles and proportions of a diamond. A diamond crafted to use these angles correctly will internally reflect light from one mirror-like facet to another and disperse and reflect it through the top of the stone. The diamond cut, how well it has been polished and the proportions and symmetry, are of the singularly most important factors in determining the life, brilliance and dispersion of a diamond. A diamond that is cut too shallow with respect to its width will allow too much light to pass straight through the diamond, leaving little light to reflect. Such a diamond will appear dull and lacking in brilliance go to my site. Alternatively, a diamond that is cut too deeply will allow light to escape from the sides of the diamond and also appear dull.

For many years the precise mathematical design of the cut that could offer the maximum light return has been a widely debated topic within the diamond industry. However, the creation of the Ideal Cut allowed diamond craftsmen to reveal the maximum brilliance and fire through optimizing the light dispersal within a diamond. Since the establishment and modern development of the Ideal Cut, only diamonds carefully crafted in this way can be said to have reached their full potential.

Ideal Square Diamond engagement ring with halosThe Ideal Diamond is crafted using the precise formulas and mathematical calculations developed from the Ideal to achieve maximum brilliance and fire within the diamond. Ideal Diamonds adhere to the strict parameters of the Ideal Cut thereby ensuring that the Ideal² is the perfect Ideal Cut and the perfect diamond.